2018 Chapter Officer Elections

With the changes to the Chapter governance structure, recently approved by the NKBA Board of Directors, all Chapter officer positions end as of December 31, 2017.  Every Chapter will elect a new Council (formerly Board) with five officers:



Communications Chair

Membership Chair

Programs Chair

Please click to review the roles and responsibilities of each position before self-nominating.  All current chapter officers may self-nominate for any new position, including the position they currently hold, whether or not their term was to end in 2017.

Self-nomination deadline is Friday, June 16th by 5pm ET. Self-nominations can be submitted by members on the NKBA website by using the Self-nomination form provided by National or by filling out a self-nomination form developed by the chapter. *Any self-nominations received by National or given to the Chapter Secretary after Friday, June 16th are ineligible.

Self-Nomination Form


2018 Chapter Overview