Menu Draft

Hey Lorin,

On the right  is a draft of the NEW skeleton on menu items  that you provided.

First, don’t worry, this will only show on this page which only you have the link to, so it’s not visible to those without a link.

Note: Any menu item with a drop down should not be clickable as you currently have it set, so for the new menu item, I advise they be de-linked; meaning if clicked, nothing will happen. The menu items with dropdowns advised to be de-linked are:

  • About the NKBA
  • Membership
  • Awards and Events
  • 2015 Deisgn Competition
  • Sponsors
  • Professional Accreditation

Before we go live, these new pages need to be packed with content (links on right side –>):

  • Benefits of Membership
  • Become a Member
  • Current Members
  • Past Events
  • How to be a Judge
  • How to Enter
  • Logos and Links
  • Get Involved
  • Join our industry
  • Events for credits
  • About credit units

I’ve already created the pages for the new pages; so they are ready to be preloaded.

Let me know next steps,

Thank you!